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starry starry nightHolly’s husband Jeff shared this photo a couple of weeks ago and I keep going back to his Facebook page so I can look at it again. I think that means it’s ready to be shared here. The photographer’s description of the photo says it shows the southern sky with the constellations Orion and Sirius from Canis Major. Pretty incredible.

Also, if you like space, follow Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on Twitter. He is constantly posting photos of Earth from space and photos from inside the international space station.

If you love eccentric billionaires, you could also check out the photos Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Lalibert√© took from space. They were on display at the Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto a few months ago. It’s not really the photos that interest me, more that the crazy performance artist from Montreal paid the Russian space program $35 million to take him to the moon for 11 days.

Happy winter weekend!

Photo in post by Adam Hill.


via restronaut

These delightful photographs are plucked from the winners of National Geographic’s 2011 traveler photo contest; they are humbling and beautiful, yet make me want to go everywhere and meet everyone.

See the rest here.

A new exhibition at Toronto’s Miles Nadall JCC features portraits of 16 Canadian poets taken in the early 1970s by photographer Shelly Grimson while he was attending the University of Toronto. The photos were commissioned by Oxford University Press but the majority were never printed; the negatives sat in Grimson’s drawer until a few years ago.

Writers featured in the photos include Michael Ondaatje (above), Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton and Margaret Atwood (below). The exhibition is called “How Beautiful We All Were…,” which could not be a more lovely or apt title. Ondaatje and Atwood look incredible. I can’t wait to see it. – A