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I dreamt of New York City last night.

A recurring problem in my young adult life is that I am rarely satisfied with the city in which I am living. This statement may lead you to presume that I have lived in many places; I haven’t. But I am ready to, and not just on a whim caused dissatisfaction.

Since making the decision to move on a month or so ago, my dreams have been full of voyages and travels. So at least my subconscious is on board. And my boyfriend. We are going to make the token Canadian pilgrimage to Australia to live on a beach, talk to people with accents and carry all our belongings around in backpacks. The plan is to suffer out the rest of the winter season in Toronto working two jobs apiece so we can hop on a plane in June or July. From there, who knows.

Who wants to watch my cat?


a_560x375The show New York Magazine once called The Greatest Show of Our Time came to its end last night after four compelling seasons (and two terrible ones). Chair got married, Dan revealed himself as Gossip Girl, Rufus ended up with Lisa Loeb and Serena wore her final cleavage rhombus. Most people in the world will have no idea what I’m talking about but I loved that campy show. Its fashion, cinematography of New York City, attractive cast and cheesy plot lines are pretty much all I ask for in a television show. PLUS — the show’s (and books’) use of technology was way ahead of its time. People can get email blasts from blogs/twitter sent to their phones nowadays, but that was not really a thing in 2006. I also found Dan’s confession that he wrote himself into the world of the Upper East Siders compelling, since that is something bloggers and journalists do all the time. The Internet as democratization! Okay, this rant it over.

Goodbye Gossip Girl. H and A will miss you. xoxo

I’ve paid for too many degrees,
posited too many historical positions,
made too many semiotic apologetics,
forwarded far too many feminist responses
to too many textual materialities

to have an ass this big.



Poem by Sonnet L’Abbé
Sourced from Helen Guri’s story for Hazlit on women dressing not to be noticed.

a girl in a see-through dress in sheep’s clothing.

This is a real book.
via Open Library

Hey baby.
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I miss 2001…


I know I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ajax, but this is really speaking to me.

Photo courtesy of People of Walmart.