Holly and I recently indulged in a weekend of CULTURE. I missed this. Even though big cities like Toronto are drenched in cultural activities, it can sometimes be easier to spend leisure time at the local pub laughing over pints, rather than going out and looking for the arts. Luckily, Holly, Meredith and Travis came to visit and would never let that happen.

Activities included a fashion doc at Tiff Bell Lightbox, tacos tacos tacos, Frida Kahlo & Diego Riviera at the AGO, a fabulous talk by Ira Glass at Massey Hall and dancing.

The film we saw was called Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel; it’s the story of the wacky and powerful Diana Vreeland, former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazarre and the editor-in-chief of Vogue in the 60s. I didn’t think it lived up to some of the other recent fashion docs that I’ve seen (like Bill Cunningham’s New York or The September Issue), but it was visually appealing and Vreeland’s accent is fantastic. It also had some scenes about London in the 60s, Beatlemania and the mod style. Now I want so many mini dresses.

Film stills via tiff.net

Also, Torey Malatia is a real person!