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I came across some old photos of Cleveland’s House, a resort in Ontario cottage country that I spent two summers working at during university. The resort is like 150 years old and on beautiful Lake Rosseau. Those summers were amazing; if I was 21 again I would be back there in a heartbeat.
Main%20Hotel-1Main%20Dock2I have no idea when these photos were taken, but replace the sailboats with high-end wakeboard boats and the long white dresses with bikinis and face paint and not much has changed.

The following photos are from summer 2008.
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a girl in a see-through dress in sheep’s clothing.

If you want to become a friend of civilization, then become an enemy of truth and a fanatic for harmless balderdash.

–Kurt Vonnegut, 1970 (Not yet a crotchety old man!)

Various visual and theatrical interpretations of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream — not because I think the play is balderdash, but because it celebrates the magical, and we should all try to do more of that. Also it is midsummer and that is a beautiful thing.

The Canadian Stage theatre company is putting on Shakespeare’s play in High Park all summer. I plan on heading there soon to see the fairies and drink wine on the outdoor theatre’s mossy stone seats; how dreamy…..

Ally sent me this TEDxTeen video earlier this week, but I didn’t watch it until today. Stupid me. In it, 15-year-old teeny blogger Tavi Gevinson tells us to be Stevie Nicks (as well as some other solid, inspiring female-oriented things). Girl started a fashion blog in 2008, then fashion magazine Rookie Mag in 2011. Talk about ambition.

And smarts:

“When in actuality, women are complicated. Women are multifaceted. Not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy, and women happen to be people.”

There are seven minutes more of that here:

Is it OK that I’m nearing 30 and still feel like I’m “figuring it out?” In the spirit of this TEDxTeen Talk, I’ll say yes.

Also, let’s remember that Girls premieres tomorrow. Good things are coming. It is known.


Movements giving me hope for the future include the increasingly vocal fashionable lives of older women and men, mostly via Advanced Style.

Advanced Style

Advanced Style captures the sartorial choices of the elderly. A relative of mine, who turned 70 last week, commented that seniors turn into burdens for their children, and then we (the children) have to take care of their ageing selves. It was a little much for birthday introspection.

Ilona Royce Smithkin, on the other hand, is no burden. The 90-year-old artist/teacher, who fashions fake eyelashes out of her own orange hair, simply wants two items in her brandless outfit to match, and then she can “get away with all kinds of things.” Yes, please.

This all inevitably circles me back to NYC photographer Bill Cunningham. The doc on his life, Bill Cunningham New York, is everything you want it to be, and the talented, humble yet stubborn Cunningham is a fascinating character. His former Carnegie Hall neighbour and fellow photographer, Editta Sherman, should be a card-carrying member of the Advanced Style movement.

“The point is that fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” Thanks, Bill.

– h

Truman Capote's room

Truman Capote’s bedroom, via apartment therapy.

Virginia Woolf’s room, via apartment therapy.

Sylvia Plath's bedroom

Sylvia Plath’s bedroom, via apartment therapy.

Check out apartment therapy’s full Literary Style: 15 Writers’ Bedrooms post for some background on the rooms, and plenty more photos. It’s fun to see if you can match each author with a room (Sylvia Plath’s may have been the easiest, as depressing as that sounds).

– h

Remember the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? It was written by Alvin Schwartz and had these insanely terrifying illustrations by Stephen Gammell. Well, it is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year and the publishers are relaunching it with some illustrations that aren’t nearly as scary or cool, and people on the Internet are mad. I totally remember being creeped the heck out by these drawings as a kid. They are most likely better than the stories themselves. I remember one story being about a feral child raised by wolves. I don’t remember the plot line, but I have held an unhealthy fascination with feral children ever since, and that has probably been like 18 years at this point. So now that the book is out of print, and the new one has uncool drawings, old copies are going for like $100 online. I wonder if my parents still have mine somewhere.

The last one was from a story called “The Red Spot,” where a teenage girl has this big zit or boil on her face that won’t go away, and one night it pops and it’s full of spiders. Cool, right?

Images via adventuresinpoortaste. You can follow a link to see how these compare to the new illustrations.

I miss summer. Via chocolate nobody.

A colour-coded life. Via lifeoutsidethebox.

Through the looking glass. Via Book Oasis.

A ladder to get to it all. Via stylehive.

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