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Swedish photographer Sannah Kvist created a series of photographs depicting Swedish twenty-somethings surrounded by a sculpture of all of their possessions. Kvist was inspired by these young people who constitute the first generation since the Great Depression destined to be worse off financially than their parents.

After moving five times in the past two years, I can certainly relate to the keeping of few possessions, although probably not as few as these folks. The series has been read as Gen Y’s rejection of consumerism, but Kvist’s own remarks don’t necessarily reflect that:

I remember myself when I lived in Stockholm, how I before moving to a new flat minimized my stuff more and more. I came to Stockholm to a truck and went away with an IKEA-bag. What was left was what I thought was most important. It that defines me most as a person.

The series is called “All I Own.”
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Someday I will travel to fashion weeks in fabulous cities and take incredible photographs of very tall people with lovely hair.

Or, more likely, I will keep doing things I am good at like taking books out of the library and not finishing them and stealing my roommates Skittles. I think either one will be okay.

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I accidentally adopted a kitten last week and she is the sweetest little thing. I named her Quintana Roo, meaning she is named after either a state in Mexico or Joan Didion’s late daughter. She is really floppy and playful and kind of has a Yoda mouth.

Who knows, she may also inspire you to sing this Van Morrison song…

Brigitte Bardot

Perhaps the choice of media is counter productive, but encourages Internet users (aka everyone) to take a day away from all things digital. That means screw you Instagram, online news, Facebook, Cup of Jo and all those other damn clicks we are so used to for all of Sunday’s waking hours. It may be worth a try,  although the change of seasons may make the spending the day outside part more difficult. Maybe staying in bed sans laptop counts too.