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I’ve paid for too many degrees,
posited too many historical positions,
made too many semiotic apologetics,
forwarded far too many feminist responses
to too many textual materialities

to have an ass this big.



Poem by Sonnet L’Abbé
Sourced from Helen Guri’s story for Hazlit on women dressing not to be noticed.


Spanish art collective Luzinterruptus created a beautiful installation in Melbourne, Australia last week. The artists made a river of 10,000 LED-lit books, giving books recently retired from local libraries one last chance to shine. On the last day of the display, visitors were invited to take the books home. The results are really gorgeous.

via luzinterruptus

a girl in a see-through dress in sheep’s clothing.

You just keep peddling your phony-baloney genius crap, while I’m up giving blow jobs in heaven.

Sheila Heti, from How Should a Person Be (read this book)