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Cat Power’s elegant new record Sun is streaming on NPR. Listen up.
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I am travelling for the next few weeks and was in desperate need of a new camera bag, preferably one that doesn’t look like a waterproof winter jacket my dad would wear. I scowered some vintage stores and camera stores and couldn’t find anything that was both functional and visually appealing, so I decided to build my own.

I bought a cute long-strapped bag that I knew would fit my digital SLR camera, hacked the shit out of my old camera bag with a pair of scissors, removing the most well-fitting pieces of padding I could, and hot glued them inside the bag. Voila!

It’s light and feels pretty protected. I like that it holds my camera together in one piece (my old bag did not and it was really frustrating to keep removing the lens). Let’s go to Costa Rica now. Here’s hoping that I don’t drop it in the ocean or something.