Listening to podcasts is one of my favourite solo activities. My favourites include New Yorker Out Loud (the magazine’s weekly comment podcast rules too), This American Life (on everyone’s list), Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing, and Slate Magazine ‘s Culture Gabfest.

The Culture Gabfest can be super annoying and pretentious — think middle-aged journalists referring to themselves as grad students and 40 minute discussions on the cultural significance of “Call Me Maybe” — but there is something pleasurable about listening to a bunch of nerds over analyze pop culture by choice, and not because they’re sitting next to you at a bar or coffee shop. That said, the show’s producers put together a Summer Strut Playlist based on listeners recommendations and it’s really good listening. It’s meant to be listened to on a streaming website that Canadians can’t access, but some lovely Internet lady or fellow threw all the tracks on Youtube. I endorse it (it has Belle and Sebastian on it, so now you do too).

Summer strutting is cool, thus I decided my summer strut song this year is Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn & John. I know its outmoded, kind of annoying, and stuffed with trite lyrics, but I can’t stop listening to it. So I won’t. I also like the video. Here are some stills.