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Photo taken on the grounds of the Spadina Museum in Toronto. Adventures in your own backyard!


Here’s to unlikely friendships…

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and love poems.

The Stolen Branch
Pablo Neruda

In the night we shall go in
to steal
a flowering branch.

We shall climb over the wall
in the darkness of the alien garden,
two shadows in the shadow.

Winter is not yet gone,
and the apple tree appears
suddenly changed
into a cascade of fragrant stars.

In the night we shall go in
up to its trembling firmament,
and your little hands and mine
will steal the stars.

And silently,
to our house,
in the night and the shadow,
with your steps will enter
perfume’s silent step
and with starry feet
the clear body of spring.

Once upon a time, an unhappy horse wished for longer, thinner legs, a neck like a swan, and a saddle that would grow on his back as part of his body. He thought all of these things would bring him great happiness, because they would make him more beautiful. Well, it so happened that the horse’s wishes were granted and he was given all the things he wished for. But when the horse went to a reflecting pond to admire his improved image, he was horrified. The things that seemed so desirable individually had become totally undesirable collectively- he had been changed into a camel.

Moral of the story: It is better to work with what you have than to wish for the things you don’t have.

Ally sent me this TEDxTeen video earlier this week, but I didn’t watch it until today. Stupid me. In it, 15-year-old teeny blogger Tavi Gevinson tells us to be Stevie Nicks (as well as some other solid, inspiring female-oriented things). Girl started a fashion blog in 2008, then fashion magazine Rookie Mag in 2011. Talk about ambition.

And smarts:

“When in actuality, women are complicated. Women are multifaceted. Not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy, and women happen to be people.”

There are seven minutes more of that here:

Is it OK that I’m nearing 30 and still feel like I’m “figuring it out?” In the spirit of this TEDxTeen Talk, I’ll say yes.

Also, let’s remember that Girls premieres tomorrow. Good things are coming. It is known.


WHILE I was fearing it, it came,
But came with less of fear,
Because that fearing it so long
Had almost made it dear.
There is a fitting a dismay,
A fitting a despair.
’T is harder knowing it is due,
Than knowing it is here.
The trying on the utmost,
The morning it is new,
Is terribler than wearing it
A whole existence through.

– Emily Dickinson


Willem Dafoe is excellently terrifying.

iPhone shot from the pages of The Lab Magazine.

A new exhibition at Toronto’s Miles Nadall JCC features portraits of 16 Canadian poets taken in the early 1970s by photographer Shelly Grimson while he was attending the University of Toronto. The photos were commissioned by Oxford University Press but the majority were never printed; the negatives sat in Grimson’s drawer until a few years ago.

Writers featured in the photos include Michael Ondaatje (above), Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton and Margaret Atwood (below). The exhibition is called “How Beautiful We All Were…,” which could not be a more lovely or apt title. Ondaatje and Atwood look incredible. I can’t wait to see it. – A