Today, dear Holly stumbled across a new online column for Canadian Art written by Sarah Thorton, author of the endlessly interesting book Seven Days in the Art World. Her first column asks the question “What is an artist?,” which can be either a very good question or a very boring question. Personally, I don’t have much invested in the answer, but I like her definition:

“The people that society treats as artists are professional thought-provokers who earn the right to be taken seriously through (a) insistent artworks, (b) convincing interpersonal and mediated communication and (c) opportune art-world affiliations.”

A professional thought-provoker is a good thing to be.

Thorton gives snippets from an interview she did with Yayoi Kusama for her upcoming book. So, let’s look at images of how she’s managed to provoke thought, professionally.

She calls these infinity rooms, claiming that “polka dots are a way to infinity.” via live in cool.

And here’s our resident thought-provoker at a love-in in New York City in 1968. via canadian art.