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Movements giving me hope for the future include the increasingly vocal fashionable lives of older women and men, mostly via Advanced Style.

Advanced Style

Advanced Style captures the sartorial choices of the elderly. A relative of mine, who turned 70 last week, commented that seniors turn into burdens for their children, and then we (the children) have to take care of their ageing selves. It was a little much for birthday introspection.

Ilona Royce Smithkin, on the other hand, is no burden. The 90-year-old artist/teacher, who fashions fake eyelashes out of her own orange hair, simply wants two items in her brandless outfit to match, and then she can “get away with all kinds of things.” Yes, please.

This all inevitably circles me back to NYC photographer Bill Cunningham. The doc on his life, Bill Cunningham New York, is everything you want it to be, and the talented, humble yet stubborn Cunningham is a fascinating character. His former Carnegie Hall neighbour and fellow photographer, Editta Sherman, should be a card-carrying member of the Advanced Style movement.

“The point is that fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” Thanks, Bill.

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The beautiful Montreal-based Patrick Watson are putting out a new record. It’s called Adventures in Your Own Backyard. Into Giants, the current single, is a perfect spring jam to listen to while laying around in your underwear and not trying to understand the lyrics. Hear here. – A

Truman Capote's room

Truman Capote’s bedroom, via apartment therapy.

Virginia Woolf’s room, via apartment therapy.

Sylvia Plath's bedroom

Sylvia Plath’s bedroom, via apartment therapy.

Check out apartment therapy’s full Literary Style: 15 Writers’ Bedrooms post for some background on the rooms, and plenty more photos. It’s fun to see if you can match each author with a room (Sylvia Plath’s may have been the easiest, as depressing as that sounds).

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From the top…

Travel reverie: Cinque Terre beach in Italy. Via bawkbawkbawk.

I got my bike today and am ready to join the city bikers. Via downtown from behind.

Nails! This came from the sartorialist at some point in cyber time.

An NPR first listen of Of Monsters and Men made my afternoon.

Eric Jong and Molly Jong-Fast on Here’s the Thing is a delight. Gawd, I’m glad Alec Baldwin has a podcast.

one minute in montreal from katty lea on Vimeo.

Beautiful video by Katty lea.


Mary Katrantzou at London Fashion Week. Fall 2012 collection via

I found these posters online somewhere a few weeks ago, but can’t remember where. I do recall that they were done by an artist who was commissioned by a public transportation system… in some city, somewhere.

They playfully mock the disenchantment and alienation of public transit’s ‘separate togetherness.’ I think they are clever and fun.

“If you look around and you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”

Lorne Michaels on WNYC’s Here’s the Thing
Image via aubrey bell.