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This cat is so hungover.


I think this is very cool. It sorrrrt of makes manual photography look easy. I need to learn this.
Via livingthestills.

Via these are just words.

Via chocolate nobody.

Come thou, tortoise.

Holly, please be able to identify this image XO.

1) Clean your bathroom
2) Eat lentils
3) Quit smoking
4) Library, library, library
5) Visit parents’ house and eat their food
6) Discuss the viability of dating a rich man who may take you out for dinner
7) Realize you hate rich men
8) Spend all available funds at your local public house
9) Try not to run out of conditioner
10) Blog?

I miss summer. Via chocolate nobody.

With seven billion people on the planet, no matter what time it is, there is always someone else out there who is wiping refried bean burrito off of their winter jacket.

Lisboa Portugal, photo by Allison.

Via wit & delight, which is probably the most beautiful tumblr ever, so you should probably be looking at that instead of this. It will make you happy.

It has photos of men cuddling dogs…

And girls with messy hair…

And food I want to eat…

All while appearing to be pro-Woody Allen…

Oh wait, now this site has/is all of those things too. Perfect. You may continue to read.


Demonstration: How to drink out of a shoe. Via the unknown hipster.

A colour-coded life. Via lifeoutsidethebox.

Through the looking glass. Via Book Oasis.

A ladder to get to it all. Via stylehive.

– h

Tadanori Yokoo via MoMA

Martin Amos via Flavorwire, top ten bad boys of literature

Shirley Temple, Kid in Africa screenshot

Garry Winogrand, World’s Fair, New York, 1964

Stardust and Moondust

“When the stars first died, they left behind dust. Supernovas blasted it into space, where it transformed the universe. Stardust is full of elements like hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, silicon and iron — the raw materials to build new stars, solar systems, planets and, of course, us. Everything we see around us once blasted out of of the core of a star . You may wonder what stardust is, well, you’re stardust, because every atom in your body was produced inside the fiery core of a star. The atoms in your left hand may come from a different a star than the atoms in your right hand. But you are literally a starchild.”

From some magical DiscoveryTV clip.

Hear that, I am literally a starchild, and so are you.

– A