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I miss 2001…



I know I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ajax, but this is really speaking to me.

Photo courtesy of People of Walmart.

On Christmas evening my six-year-old cousin Kyle opened a gift that was incorrectly labelled as being for him. Upon seeing the contents of the gift (some video game), he immediately knew it was intended for his older brother and burst into tears. The giver quickly corrected this mistake and the right present was passed onto Kyle. Even though he didn’t want the old gift, knowing that it wasn’t right for him, it took Kyle a few minutes to stop crying and muster the courage to open the new one, even though everyone promised that he would love it. Kyle was hopeful about the new present, but the possibility of disaster still existed.

Kyle eventually opened the gift and it was his favourite one of the night. But sometimes during those confusing, ‘in between’ moments, it’s hard to know how to handle oneself.

Here’s to many Star Wars-themed LEGO gift sets in 2012.


Photo by Richard Heeks.